WP Ann Arbor October 2014


Topic: Understanding Content Caching: what it is and how it works


If you are tired of treating WordPress content caching as a black box with just a “Purge Cache” button on your dashboard and a “Clear browsing history” button in your web browser, then this presentation is for you.  This will be an in-depth, highly technical look at what caching is and how it works to speed up your WordPress site.  We won’t go into how to setup popular caching plugins, but we’ll instead take a look at how those plugins work under the hood for people who want to understand the theory behind what is going on.


  • Mark Montague

Talk Level: 

  • Intermediate to Advanced

Call for Topics & Speakers:

If you have a topic you would like us to cover, please let us know. Also, we are always looking for new speakers to talk about WordPress related topics, if you, or you know someone who would like to speak, please get in touch.

Location (Room 2001, LSA Building, 500 S State Street, Ann Arbor MI 48109)

Room 2001 is on the 2nd floor of the LSA Building (1 floor above the ground floor), directly off the 2nd floor lobby. You can enter either from State Street (the front of the building) or from Maynard Street (the rear of the building). The doors will remain unlocked until 7pm, but we’ll post signs on the doors directing you where to go and including a contact cell phone number.


It may be possible to park in the small visitor lot directly behind the LSA Building, on Maynard Street, or in the lot next to the Student Activities Building if spaces are available. Street parking and University Blue-lot parking should be free from 6pm on; carefully check the posted signs. But parking will definitely be available in the City of Ann Arbor Maynard Street parking structure, 1 block away, for $1.20/hour.  More parking options are available on the map, if you click on the (P) icon.